janeiro 26, 2012


so many things undone
so many more things not done
so many things yet to be done...
she thought.

and many stories unlived
and many more feelings unveiled
and many projects yet to be lived...
she thought.

many thoughts unexpressed
many more ideas unrevealed
many places yet to be revealed...
she thought.

how many dreams delayed.
she thinks.
still in time? she wonders...

4 comentários:

  1. Um belíssimo poema. Adorei todos os particípios...
    joao de miranda m.

  2. Obrigada:) Sabes que me surgiu numa manhã quando ia no carro para a escola:) Costumo pensar em inglês:) e pronto nasceu:) Bjs

  3. Lovely! So simple and so true! Totally identify myself with it! Marla

  4. Loveeeeeeeee simplicity:)Can do nothing but simple:)
    And yes the SHE in the poem is me, you, other "shes", "hes", us, them...***