dezembro 13, 2013

War and peace

All I want is peace.
You should give me peace.
Everywhere I look there´s war.
                     What are you saying? We´re not at war. I´m not at war, with you.
You´re at war with yourself.
                     Please don´t say that. You know how this war is affecting me.
This war doesn´t depend on you alone. But your war does.
Do something to appease yourself. You´ll appease me too.
                     Don´t know if I can make it before the war is over.
We´ll talk when the war is over, then.
When peace comes.
Yours, especially. 

2 comentários:

  1. Actually both of them have misunderstood what a real war is.

    (I apologize for my "dog" english)


    1. Emotional war and existential war :) But possible amidst a real war.