fevereiro 29, 2012


Lovely place.
Feeling ... blue?
I´m in blue.
What´s the difference?
Well..., there´s hope.

8 comentários:

  1. somtimes one can't help it....but bbeing bluish is somthing one needs to pour out through our hands , arms, skin, face, silent smile or shadow eyes.....

    just the blue blow out in the wind..................freedom will bring it back to you in a softer, soothing, whispering way.....

    sorry for mistakes and lack of inspiration

    lots kisses

  2. Hello AP! Thanks for reading. The poem isn´t blue at all.:) Just look at the title::)) All the best

  3. Sim, jrd, estou no pequeno argumento 3 de uma série que pretendo fazer, a partir de imagens e cores. Obrigada, como sempre, pela simpatia:)

  4. Que cena linda!
    Laura Conde

  5. ‎Obrigada, Laura! Beijinhos para Vila Franca!

  6. "Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane." - Ellis Boyd Redding - "The Shawshank Redemption"

    Ricardo Rodrigues

  7. Hope is a dangerous thing for a dictator, for example. It may give the people something to believe in and fight for. :)

    Can drive a man(and a woman;)) insane - and the opposite, no? Some kind of faith can keep you alive. Have you seen PAPILLON?

    Thanks for passing by, sweetie! ****