dezembro 04, 2011

10 things I hate about winter

great pic, sad soul

- dark, gloomy days
- insistent, persistent little rain
- the cold
- confinement. compulsory confinement, more like it.
- neverending evenings
- throat ache and coughing and colds and the flu and other illnesses
- naked trees
- umbrellas
- empty streets
- artificial lighting

As much as it may be absolutely glorified in stylish photography or in iconic movie scenes I surely don´t like to feel it. Look at it, ok, but not actually feel it. Xmas spirit, fireplace and family, romantic and snowy postcard-like stuff, blah blah blah, nice, sure, but still I don´t like it.
Is there a button to skip winter? Anywhere?

P.S. I´m starting a new tag today - In English. I had to do it. Didn´t I?
P.S.2. I´ve just realised, to my despair, it is still autumn.

6 comentários:

  1. Well, I'm sorry, but I disagree, because winter is my favourite season and I really like those gloomy days, and fireplaces, and the cold, and the naked trees...winter has a kind of magic to me it brings me a peace, calm and a time to think about things of life...:) Kisses (desculpa o meu Inglês) Manuela

  2. Yeah - calm and introspection: that´s the nice part, I agree::))) Kisses (your English is great!)

  3. Sometimes you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day during this season...
    I like winter,specially when I´m "inside" my fireplace drinking a nice hot tea...Dulce

  4. I don't know what is wrong with your blog but I always have to try to post my comments at least twice! :s

    I hatehatehate winter. I hate the rain, the cold, the dark, cold hands and frosty nose, too many pieces of clothing, dark colours, sinositis, icy roads, frost, fog, xmas and family reunions, new year, endless January, long nights (except when I can sleep long), dampness, reflection mood.
    I'm a summer person. That's it.
    I have a bear rib - as soon as i smell winter I want to hibernate but I can't!
    I vote for the abolition of winter along with the money they are robbing us uf! Dito!

  5. Don't like calm and introspection either. Like peace, warmth and good mood! :D

  6. Dear Dulce I know some moments by the fireplace are cosy and sweet. But that´s not enough! looool The sun and the warmth (not exactly heat) - they´re good energy - they´re LIFE! :)
    Sara dear that´s it - good mood comes out more easily in good inspiring liberating weather. I feel free in summer and always look better:) Look terrible in winter . Yeah I hate fog. I hate mist. I hate dampness. Next time I´ll make a list of 30 ok? :::))
    Kisses for both