março 15, 2013


It´s not that cold. In fact, it´s not cold at all. 
But the rain, it´s the rain, the neverending rain.
It´s worse in Spain, to what it seems.
But there it´s mainly in the plain.
Plane? I thought you were going by train.
I am. Rain here and rain there. Soggy weather.
That too. But soggy days, see?
Soggy month. Yes, the sea. What´s it called there?
I see... 
Dead cold it has been. And now rain is on the march.
Nevermind the rain. 
You don´t understand. 
Kind of poetic in the city...
To hell with poetry when rain is in my heart, too.
Ok, get your umbrella. Let´s march against that rain. 

4 comentários:

  1. Everybody should do it even without umbrella!


    1. :) Loved it - true, we should always march against the rain in our heart. In March or not. :)

  2. Funny word game! It reminds me of "My fair Lady". :)