setembro 12, 2012


She was already missing sunny days that were not gone yet. She was already missing the warm rays that had not left yet. She was already longing for summer before this very one had ended. For she feared the dark and the wet, the short and the cold days that lay still ahead. Why wouldn´t she, after all? Why wouldn´t she hate the idea of having to wait another year till she found light and happiness? Till she merged herself into sweet dullness and revigorating sunshine? Why do inner moods have or tend to wave along outer physical circumstances? No wonder she was, as always at this time, feeling a bit under the weather.

6 comentários:

  1. She needs to wait the Autumn, Winter and Spring.

  2. It´s a lot of waiting. I´d pass, if I could!:)

  3. Is she waiting for darkness?

  4. Some people find it boring to live uniquely in the summertime. I don't! I want sunshine all year long! Marla