março 21, 2014

Absurd waiting

What are you doing?
For what?
Don´t know.
Let´s go, then?
Why not?
It will come.
How can you wait for something you don´t know?
I can.
That´s ridiculous.
Is it?
Yes, so...
Still going to wait.
That´s absurd.
Maybe it is.
It is, no maybe.
Ok, it is.
So and again, what are you waiting for?
I´ve told you.
No, what are you waiting for to forget and go?
Won´t forget it.
Come on, let´s go...
No, I won´t.
Don´t you think you´ve waited for too long?
Maybe not.
Maybe yes, you should know.
I´ve told you I don´t know.
That´s it, you don´t know.
Do you know?
Know what?
Where to go.
No... but...
See? You don´t know either.
I know I, we, should go.
Not enough.
So you´ll stay here.
I´ll go.
Go. Go where?
Wait a minute. That´s ridiculous.
Maybe it is.
It is.
Ok, go. I´m going to wait.
For nothing. Absurd.
You don´t know.
You don´t know either.
I don´t know... You just wait...
No, I won´t, going, I´ve said.
No, you just wait and see...

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