maio 29, 2014


Is there anything in there? 
Just touch my hand if you can hear me. 
Is there anything in your heart? 
Come on, now, 
I know you're feeling disappointed. 
I can ease your pain
Get you on your trail of hope again.
I'll need some information first. 
Just the basic facts. 
Can you tell me why it hurts? 

There is no pain you are receding 
A distant tree on the horizon. 
You are only coming through in shades. 
Your hands touch mine but I can't feel anything. 
When I was a child I had a fever 
My hands felt just like two balloons. 
Now I've got that feeling once again 
I can't explain you would not understand 
This is not how I was or am. 
I have become uncomfortably numb. 

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